The health and safety benefits of using only organic cleaning products in your home truly speak for themselves, but should never come at a premium.

Our products, dedication, level of service, and guaranteed results will deliver the utmost confidence in the health of your home environment.


Every business has an obligation to provide a safe and comfortable workplace for employees and customers and we understand these potential liabilities more than any other service provider.


The beautification of your work environment is one aspect of our service, health and peace of mind is our priority.

Looking to purchase items to maintain your own healthy environment or learning more about the products that we use everyday?

Please browse our extensive line of healthy yet powerful organic cleaning products, air and water purification systems and pest control solutions.

What makes us different from other companies that offer claimed "organic" solutions?


We believe in what we do and the products we use and don't agree that healthier solutions should cost you more.


Find out more about who we are and why we don't believe protecting your health is a reason to increase prices.

Everything you could ever want from a conventional cleaning and restoration service provider, just healthier.

We offer state of the art equipment, proven organic products and old fashioned dedicated customer service.

You've seen the term used quite a bit these days, but why is organic cleaning the right choice?

This section will help educate you on the various reasons why you should always insist on organic cleaning.

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